Some rudimentary impressions of Athens

17 Sep

We’ve been here in Athens for three weeks already. A few of my first impressions:

1. Greeks like their coffee. They really like their coffee.

2. The nightlife here is completely wild, especially in our ‘hood of Kolonaki.

3. Dust.

4. Greece is much like Israel, only softer around the edges and less rational (or at least the Greeks are not constantly trying to justify that what doesn’t make sense actually does).

I like Greek. I know some words, and am starting to master the alphabet. It has a nice intonation to it, and reminds me of Spanish. It’s fun to constantly try to decipher a new alphabet, like I’m a kid again learning to read.

And today I finally got to The Body Shop store around the corner from our apartment (!) after three weeks of not having time. It was Bliss! I didn’t have enough money to cover all of the products I had amassed at the cash, but I smell really good.

Once the two boys wake up, we’re going to check out a new vegetarian restaurant. I’m still waiting for the souvlaki and seafood!




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